What Is The book ‘The Art of Computer Programming’ about ?

The Art of Computer Programming

The Art of Computer Programming was written by Donald Ervin Knuth and there are 7 volumes of the Art of Computer Programming. The first volume was published in 1968 with two chapters on Basic Concepts and Information Structures. The Art of Computer Programming highlights on how good a method is by analysing two programming algorithms using a mathematical approach. The genesis of the book began when Knuth was working on a chapter related to compilers, after going through several literature’s, he found that none of the literature’s were reliable in nature and did not do justice to the somewhat new field of computer science. He began his quantitative work on The Art of Computer Programming in 1963 and by the end of 1965 he had 12 chapters with almost 3000 pages. The first two chapters in Volume 1 provides basic mathematical preliminaries and basic Information structures. The book does not teach you how to code but is written for those who want an in-depth view on creating efficient algorithms and data structures.

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