How To Activate The New Gmail Design

New Gmail Design

Google launched its much-hyped Gmail redesign today, but chances are, you won’t see if when you open up your inbox. But even if you don’t see it immediately, you might be able to opt-in. Hit that gear icon in the upper right of your inbox and see if there’s a “Try the new Gmail” button:

Hate all that white space? Physically repulsed by those rounded corners? Fear not, you can switch back:

If you use Gmail for your job, you’ll unfortunately have to wait for your workplace admin to turn on the option for your company’s G Suite, so it’s time to go bug your IT department if you need that redesign:

The Verge has a good rundown of the new features in the redesign, including “Confidential Mode,” the ability to snooze emails (without installing a third-party app like Boomerang), and the introduction of Smart Replies (a major mobile app feature for a while now) to the web interface.

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